Taking a French class with us is great, and getting native speakers is even better to practice your French in New York and improve your speaking and listening skills. There may not be an official Little Paris here but the French community is strong, vibrant, diverse and easy to find. Here are a few of our favorites spots.


French Meetups

The French-speaking community is huge, hence the ever-growing number of meet-up groups being organized everywhere, from Manhattan to Astoria or Park Slope. Everyone is welcome, every level is represented, and you can join the conversation wherever you are!

Bars and Restaurants

Every great conversation starts with a drink and a good meal. That is why looking for French bars and restaurants is always a good idea. Fada, Jolie Cantina, Provence en Boite or Bac Tabac are all owned by friendly, French-speaking people. Santé !



Film Festivals

There are numerous French film festivals being held in New York throughout the year where you can enjoy many diverse movies in French (with English subtitles!), such as:



Why not trying your hand at pétanque for a taste of Southern France? La Boule New Yorkaise offers daily free lessons in Bryant Park and also holds an international tournament every year.

French Embassy Events Calendar

Subscribing to the French Embassy’s newsletter is a great way to know about every French speaking event in New York City. You will most definitely find something to your taste among all the Talks, conferences, book signings, exhibitions

Bonne chance!


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