5 Ways to Practice Your Italian in New York

Are you taking one of our Italian classes? Between class sessions, extend your knowledge of Italian culture and practice your language skills by taking advantage of the rich resources New York offers. Here are five ways to accelerate your learning process and have fun at the same time.

Practice your Italian at the Theater

In Scena! Italian Theater Festival NY

Now in its third year, this festival offers a range of current Italian theater, readings, lectures, and workshops in the five boroughs from May 4th-20th. Look for productions in Italian (presented with English supertitles) to challenge your listening skills.


Italian Film at Lincoln Center

Film Society of Lincoln Center

Head to the annual Open Roads Festival of New Italian Cinema to test your listening skills and delve into the latest films fresh from Italy. Dates for 2015 have not yet been announced, so sign up for the Film Society’s newsletter to get first dibs.


i Trulli

Dining Out? Sit at the Bar.

There are still plenty of Italian restaurants in the city run and staffed mostly by Italian speakers. The key to finding one where you can test out your speaking skills is to choose a smaller, owner-operated establishment. If you want to practice your Italian with your server, be kind: Go at an off-peak time and, better yet, sit at the bar so you can chat with the bartender. Ask around for recommendations for a vero italiano place, but a few of our favorites are I Trulli Enoteca, Keste Pizzeria, and Zagara Wine Bar. Don’t forget to leave a generous tip!


Italian Conversation Exchange

Italian Chat Meetup

Organized by Legaitaliana.org, this meetup is probably best for students who have completed the Advanced Beginner level. The group has a large roster of members who meet for a regular, informal conversation group at a bar or restaurant.


Conversation Exchange

Prefer a one-on-one setting? Once you sign up for Conversation Exchange, you can find Italian speakers looking to improve their English. You can arrange to meet in person at a coffee shop or other public place, or set up Skype sessions. Spend half the session in Italian and the other half in English so that you both get the most out of the conversation.


Buona fortuna! See you in class!


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