If you’re looking for some exciting Spanish practice, look no further than these Spanish-language movies and TV shows, currently streaming online, which will provide action and adventure as well as real-life vocabulary practice. Once you are done, make sure you sign up for our next session of Spanish classes, starting at the end of April and running through June.


The Fury of a Patient Man (Tarde para la ira)

Raúl Arévalo (2016, Spain), Netflix

This award-winning thriller has plenty of plots twists to keep you on your toes. José, a mild-mannered man, spends his days hanging out in his friend Juanjo’s bar in Madrid and his nights chatting with Juanjo’s sister-in-law Ana–whom he has developed secret feelings for. When Ana’s husband is released from prison, where he has been serving time for a robbery that destroyed two lives, José’s desire to take revenge becomes consuming and secrets from his past re-surface…



Jonás Cuarón (2015, Mexico), Netflix

Seeking to re-unite with his son in America, Moises (played by Gael Garcia Bernal) joins a group of Mexican immigrants traveling north to attempt to cross the border illegally. Their difficult journey is complicated when a vigilante with a gun begins tracking them and each day becomes a race against the odds and the desert heat.


La Niña

Camilo Vega and Rodrigo Triana (2016, Colombia), Netflix

This new Colombian series is based on a true story. Belky was forced to join a guerrilla group as a child and has endured the trauma of war. When she finally frees herself, she travels to the city and attempts to start a new life as a medical student. But her past isn’t so easy to leave behind. Her story is a fascinating look at Colombia today.