Learning Spanish doesn’t have to be boring–watch one of these thrillers in Spanish to brush up on your skills and then sign up for one of our Spanish classes starting in May!


Sangre de mi Sangre (Padre Nuestro)

Christopher Zalla (2007, US/Argentina), Netflix

A tearjerker for the current political moment. This thriller takes place in New York City but much of it is in Spanish. It tells the story of a young boy from Mexico who has smuggled himself from Mexico to find his father before an imposter steals his identity. A prizewinner at Sundance!



Gonzalo Tapia (2015, Spain/Morocco), Netflix

A young Spanish lawyer from a privileged family arrives in Morocco at the end of the Spanish occupation in the 1950’s with a mysterious mission. Perfect for lovers of British mini-series’ about the fall of the empire that have run out of content in English!


Sin Nombre

Cary Joji Fukunaga (2009, Mexico/US), Amazon

An early film from the director who went on the create the critically acclaimed True Detective and Beasts of No Nation, this realistic drama follows a young Honduran woman trying to reach the United States and a Mexican boy who has been caught up in gang violence and also needs to escape.