Escape to beautiful Italy with our selection of scenic films in Italian currently streaming online. Whether you want to visit Rome, the lakes, or the mountains, these films will transport you to Italy in your own apartment. And, as always, don’t forget to sign up for our next session of Italian classes starting this week.


The Merchant of Dreams (Il Mercante di Sogni)

Stefano Braga (2009, Italy), Amazon

This award-winning short film is a fable set in a beautiful, sleepy Italian village in the 1920s. An angel descended to earth interacts with humans in a fantastical tale that mixes history, dream, and fantasy. Perfect for fans of Pan’s Labyrinth and Life is Beautiful.


bits and pieces

Bits and Pieces (Il cielo è sempre più blu)

Antonello Grimaldi (1996, Italy), Amazon

Lovely Monica Belucci stars in this delightful film that shows 24 hours in the city of the Rome through many different interacting characters and stories. It’s a great tour of 90’s Rome and is reminiscent of Coffee and Cigarettes or Happenstance. Also features a young Asia Argento!


The Fling in Lenzuolo (L’Imbroglio nel lenzuolo)

Alfonso Arau (2010, Italy), Amazon

This charming, romantic film takes place in the early 1900s in Italy. The citizens of a small southern town are shocked and troubled by the first demonstrations of the new moving picture technology. However, one young man decides to become a cinematographer, even though he knows nothing about cinema. Hijinks follow as he plans to recreate a biblical story with a sexy local and a camera.