As the weather gets colder, why not enjoy our selection of the best French-language movies available now to stream? After you are done, don’t forget to sign up for our French classes beginning in January!

I Am Not an Easy Man (Je ne suis pas un homme facile)

Eléonore Pourriat (2018, France), Netflix

In this timely comedy, a male chauvinist publishing executive, Damien, has spent a lifetime harassing women. After a head injury, he wakes up in an upside-down world where women are in charge and men are taken advantage of. Can he learn to navigate the same problems that he caused women in his past life?


Farewell My Queen (Les adieux à la reine)

Benoit Jacquot (2012, France), Kanopy

A scarier, sexier counterpoint to Sofia Coppola’s famous Marie Antoinette, this French film tells the story of the Queen’s last days through the eyes of Sidonie Laborde, a courtier of low rank who reads to Marie Antoinette. As the Bastille is stormed and panic begins to engulf the court at Versailles, Sidonie’s personal feelings for the Queen are torn between ardent respect and a more dangerous kind of love.


A Paris Education (Mes Provinciales)

Jean-Paul Civeyrac (2018, France), Kanopy

A coming-of-age tale inspired by the classics of the New Wave. Étienne arrives from the provinces to study film in Paris, where he is torn between his love of cinema and the beliefs of his classmates that politics are more important than art.