When we picture French cinema, it’s often the dark, existential dramas about sad lovers that come to mind, but France also has plenty of great comedies. Here’s our selection of the best French comedies online, so you can practice French while laughing. Don’t forget to sign up for our next round of French classes, starting in July!


Call my Agent! (Dix pour cent)

Fanny Herrero (2015, France), Netflix

Think Hollywood is the center of demanding show business divas? This hilarious French show proves otherwise. Four agents at a top talent agency in Paris juggle their careers, their personal lives, and the insane demands of their movie star clients. Full of fun cameos of French celebrities playing exaggerated (we think??) versions of themselves.


Blind Date (Un peu, beaucoup, aveuglément!)

Clovis Cornillac (2015, France), Netflix

A classic rom com set in Paris. A female piano player moves in next door to a reclusive puzzle-maker who hates noise, with just a paper-thin wall between them. Are they both gorgeous? Yes. Do they initially hate each other? Of course. Do a series of charming mishaps bring them together and transform their hate into love? Sorry, we don’t want to spoil it for you :).



Julie Delpy (2015, France), Netflix

We love Julie Delpy! It isn’t every actress that can go from lighthearted rom coms to movies about drinking virgin’s blood while acting, directing, writing, and composing for them all. In this comedy, Delpy plays a workaholic single mom who thinks she’s found love with the sweet but bumbling Jean-René. But when he moves into her apartment in Paris, a passive aggressive war begins between our heroine’s deadbeat adolescent son and her boyfriend.