German grammar can be intimidating, so if you are a student of German, it can be a good idea to remind yourself why you decided to learn German in the first place. Here’s a list of free online games, podcasts, and other resources to show the fun side of German! Happy learning and don’t forget to sign up for our next cycle of German classes starting January 11.




A series of short, lively videos in German about work and daily life in Germany.  Learn new slang, professional vocab, and fun phrases in no time. Hosted by Goethe-Institut, the international German language and cultural institute.


Thumbling Sets off on His Travels

This interactive game features cute graphics and simple text for intermediate German students to practice learning news words and phrases through play. Based on a German fairytale you may have heard as a child, travel this digital world as Thumbling.


Bad Bruises Mannequin Challenge

I Heart Berlin Blog

Founded by two Berlin residents, this blog includes a calendar of daily events in Berlin, travel tips in German and English, and blog posts in German and English about life in Germany’s capital. A great resource for practice whether you are planning to visit Berlin or merely want to immerse yourself in the language and the city from afar!


Slow German

This podcast features some free and some paid audio content, including news, cultural programs, and German language lessons, for German learners of various levels. Give it a listen in place of your favorite English-language podcast and improve your comprehension in no time!