Between now and December 17, the Museum of Modern Art is screening all 20 of Pedro Almodóvar’s 20 feature films.

If you’re not already a fan of Pedro Almodóvar, now is a great time to see his work on the big screen. And if you are already a fan, you probably set a timer on your phone months ago to make sure you didn’t forget to buy tickets to this mini Almodóvar film festival.

Almodóvar is an icon of post-Franco Spanish cinema. His work is genre-bending, gender-bending, and explores cliches of modern Spain with humor and melodrama. He was one of the first directors to feature Antonio Banderas, Penelope Cruz, Rossy de la Palma, and Javier Bardem in large roles. The New Yorker just released a long profile of him to coincide with MOMA’s film series.

Click here for times, tickets, and details. Matadors, drag singers, sinister Catholic priests, and prostitutes with hearts of gold await you! And a little taste below: