A cultural capital that unites modern sophistication and ancient history, Hong Kong is a popular destination for both work and pleasure. If you find yourself Hong Kong-bound, you’ll need a reading list, so we’ve made you one! Below, a selection of guidebooks and fiction about Hong Kong currently in stock at Idlewild.

The Monocle Guide to Hong Kong. Monocle is the perfect guidebook company to write about Hong Kong–their blend of luxurious destination curation and cultural commentary will help you find and enjoy the most interesting local spots. Don’t miss their selection of the best bookshops in Hong Kong (p. 64)!

111 Places in Hong Kong That You Shouldn’t Miss. Discover a vertical artist residency building with a cultural space open to the public (p. 62), a “private restaurant” hidden in apartment building (p. 114) and the best road from which to view Hong Kong’s amazing skyline (p. 110). This series does a great job of introducing sites you could easily miss on your own.

eileen chang

Love in a Fallen City by Eileen Chang. One of China’s twentieth-century masters, Chang’s short stories combine love, history, the personal and the public. This collection is a great introduction to her style, and most of the stories take place in Hong Kong. Frustrated lovers, disobedient children, opium addicts and aristocrats make the pages fly.

Swimming in Hong Kong by Stephanie Han. This debut story collection is a great travel read–a diverse set of characters and situations keep the stories moving, while the single setting unites them all.


The Expatriates by Janice Y. K. Lee. A recently published New York Times bestseller written by a Korean-American woman who was born in Hong Kong and raised in the United States. The lives of three American expats collide in Hong Kong, and issues of class, race, nationality, and gender are explored.