As the last few days of holiday shopping grow near, here’s our selection of the best gifts for all the people in your life, now available at our Manhattan store…


For the Armchair Traveller


Footsteps – For years, we’ve enjoyed reading The New York Times’ popular Footsteps column, where travel writers re-visit destinations made famous by novelists, poets, and other famous writers of yesteryear. In this lovely collection, discover Dashiell Hammett’s San Francisco, Hemingway’s Madrid, Elena Ferrante’s Naples, Rimbaud’s Ethiopia, and many more.


For the Frequent Flyer

how to pack

How to Pack by Hitha Palepu – This cute, illustrated guide is full of very practical tips on how select items for a trip, what to leave out, and how to maximize space from beginning to end. Written by a former high-flying executive who flew over 500,000 before sitting down to share what she’s learned. Already one of our best-sellers for this holiday season.


For the Person who has Read it All

zweig 1

Genius and Discovery and Triumph and Disaster by Stefan Zweig – These two short works of essays, only recently translated into English, have been published this holiday season in two small, beautiful volumes, perfect for either a Zweig completist or any student of historical curiosities. Zweig presents ten examples of the most important turning point in human history in his famously elegant style.


For the Foodie

New York Food Maps – We love these beautiful, collectible maps that show the hungry New Yorker exactly where to find their most delectable desires. Because the publisher, All-You-Can-Eat Press is based here in NYC, you can be sure that they know exactly what they’re talking about. We stock: New York Diner Map, New York Pizza Map, New York Doughnut Map, Manhattan Chinatown Map, New York Ramen Map, New York Oyster Map, and Paris Croissant Map.


For the Francophile

little book of paris

The Little Book of Paris by Dominique Foufelle – This jewel-like volume with a pillowy exterior and gilt-edged pages provides fascinating historical about each arrondissement of Paris, with beautiful accompanying illustrations.


For the Political Junkie

The Future is History by Masha Gessen – Familiar to all followers of the ever-simmering Russian scandal, Gessen has found the time to write a deeply researched history of modern Russian, from the fall of communism to the present. Incredibly relevant to modern politics, this book goes way below the surface to examine how Russian history has impacted the whole world.


For the College Student

move abroad

Preparing for Your Move Abroad by Rona Hart – A great handbook for young people who are going abroad for school, work or “other.” Full of practical tips that can be easily referenced and small enough to fit in a backpack!


For the New New Yorker

500 secrets

500 Hidden Secrets of New York by Michiel Vos and Ellen Swandiak – Remember when the words “speakeasy bar” still elicited a “wow!” and not an eye-roll? Remember when waiting in line for a baked good was a fun adventure? Remember when midtown seemed cool? This is the book for the person in your life who is still new enough to New York to appreciate these innocent pleasures. And maybe…it’s also for the sweet midwesterner still deep inside of you. After all, did you know that midtown is the new Brooklyn?


For the Language Learner


A gift card for our classes! For that special someone in your life who periodically mentions that they really ought to get some of their French back, or they’d really like to learn some Italian before their big summer trip…the gift that’s always the right size. Gift cards can be redeemed for any level and language of our classes for up to a year.

Happy holidays and see you in 2018!