Italy is a small country, but it has a disproportionate number of great films and filmmakers. Here are a few of our favorite Italian films streaming online now that have been nominated for or won Oscars in the United States–and once your interest in Italy has been piqued, make sure to sign up for one of our Italian courses starting in May.


Fire at Sea (Fuocoammare)

Gianfranco Rosi (2016, France/Italy), Amazon

A stunning and timely documentary set on the Italian island of Lampedusa, which has recently become a major landing point for refugees from Africa and the Middle East trying to claim asylum in Europe. The director lived for months on the island to capture this real-time document of a tiny island in the midst of world-historical events.



Federico Fellini (1973, France/Italy), Amazon

The classic semi-autobiographical film by the master of Italian cinema. A darkly comic look at a small village in Italy in the 1930’s–humorous anecdotes alternately evoke the nostalgia of childhood and the cruel absurdity of Mussolini’s fascist regime.


Marriage Italian Style (Matrimonio all’italiana)

Vittorio De Sica (1964, France/Italy), Amazon

Sophia Loren! Marcello Mastroianni! Italy in the 60s! If that doesn’t convince you to watch this, what else can? A prostitute with a heart of gold, a businessman with an eye for the ladies, and a fun, convoluted plot full of classic one-liners.