Our new round of Italian classes start January 9 and our new president will be inaugurated January 20. Whether you are a student of Italian or of politics, these Italian political movies are sure to interest you. Learn some new phrases, some old Machiavellian power plays, and don’t forget to sign up for class before we are all sold out!


Benvenuto, Presidente

Riccardo Milani (2013, Italy), Netflix

In this charming political comedy, a modest country librarian by the name of Giuseppe is mistakenly elected president of Italy and hijinks ensue. Confronted by a cabal of corrupt career politicians, Giuseppe pulls a Mr. Smith Goes to Washington move and sets out to show them all true meaning of democracy and public service.


My Way

Antongiulio Panizzi (2016, Italy), Netflix

Silvio Berlusconi, Italy’s colorful former Prime Minister, is often known in America as the Italian Donald Trump. In this revealing documentary, he opens up about his life, including his rise as a wealthy real estate investor, his years at the center of European politics, and the sex and corruption scandals that helped bring him down.


Il Divo

Paolo Sorrentino (2008, Italy/France), Amazon

This biographical drama tells the story of Giulio Andreotti, who was prime minister of Italy seven different times in the post-war period. His alleged ties to the mafia, as well as the drama of his ultimate fall add intrigue. Il Divo won the jury award at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival.