Learning Italian? Bookmark These Websites!

Are you taking one of our Italian classes? These websites will add to your learning experience and help you practice Italian outside of the classroom. We’ve sorted them by level, so there’s something here for everyone. Check them out and bookmark your favorites!


Level: All levels

Our favorite suite of online dictionaries, WordReference offers primary and secondary meanings, plus additional definitions from Collins Dictionaries, plus compound forms, collocations, and common phrases. For example, the entry for scuola will also give you mandare a scuola (send to school) and scuola di pensiero (school of thought). Add to that the verb conjugation charts and helpful forums where you can search or post questions, and you can see why this site is not just bookmarked, but in our bookmarks bar.

learning Italian

Talk Italian (BBC Languages)

Level: Beginner

With practical vocabulary and phrases aimed at travelers, the BBC’s website offers a fun supplement to what you’re learning in your Italian beginner class. It will also help you feel prepared before your trip to the Cinque Terre. We especially like La Mappa Misteriosa, their suspenseful, interactive adventure video series that builds simple lessons into a live-action drama.


Rai Cultura Italiano

Level: Advanced Beginner

This fully immersive site has short video sketches with transcripts in Italian, grammar quizzes, readings on Italian culture, and a portal to many more videos available from Rai 5. Although they offer different levels, most of the videos are too challenging for absolute beginners But students in our Advanced Beginner and Intermediate levels will find plenty of material here.

Learn Italian newspaper

La Repubblica

Level: Advanced Beginner

By reading the news in Italian, you’ll expand your vocabulary and see how the grammar you’re learning in Italian class is used in context. Start with the big stories that you already know, which will help you focus on the language. As you become more comfortable, branch out into other sections of the news—you’ll also be learning about what’s going on in Italy! La Repubblica is a large, general-interest newspaper based in Rome; other options include Corriere della Sera (Milan) and La Stampa (Turin).


News in Slow Italian

Level: Intermediate

In this weekly podcast, Emanuele and Benedetta discuss the week’s news in Italian, but slower than full-speed. You thus get an immersive listening experience with current, sophisticated content that is paced for an intermediate learner. Each episode also includes a grammar lesson and an explanation of an expression or idiom. You can listen to a demo episode for free. Paid subscription levels offer other options, including full transcripts, flashcards, and quizzes.


Hope you enjoy these. We’ll see you in class!