Fun movies about love in Italian currently streaming online.


Andrea Molaioli (2017, Italy), Netflix

Did you enjoy Juno but wish it could be a little more…European? Wish no more. This funny, charming Italian movie tells the story of Samuel, a sixteen-year-old skateboarder who was raised by a single mother. She had him when she was sixteen, and always hoped he would follow a different path, but suddenly he too is facing teenage parenthood. Told with flasbacks, flashforwards, and funny asides and based on a novel by Nick Hornby.


And they call it Summer (E la chiamano estate)

Paolo Franchi (2012, Italy), Netflix

An erotic drama which opens with a provocative shot of the lead actress nude. Longtime couple Anna and Dino love each other but can’t connect sexually because Dino is addicted to meaningless sex with prostitutes and anonymous swingers. Guilty about his compulsion, he pushes Anna to re-connect with her former lovers, but with this effort he begins a string of reactions that he can’t control…


Salt of Life (Gianni e le donne)

Gianni Di Gregorio (2011, Italy), Amazon

Ageing retiree Gianni is the perfect son, husband, neighbor–and he feels like his life is passing him by. Tired of his dutiful life taking care of the women around him, he decides to seek a mistress–with comic results. A comedy about getting older with that special Italian touch.