Want to start practicing French before our next round of classes begins in July? Here’s a few movies currently streaming online in French that we enjoyed watching. Start learning from the comfort of your couch…and join us next month when we kick off our summer session!


In the Shadow of Iris (Iris)

Jalil Lespert (2016, France), Netflix

This new French Netflix Original is inspired by classic French thrillers but takes place in contemporary France. The stunning wife of a wealthy banker disappears…who is behind the crime? A young mechanic is the initial suspect but police uncover a dark and complicated plot that they never could have imagined.


Come What May (En mai, fais ce qu’il te plaît)

Christian Carion (2015, France), Netflix

A beautifully produced historical drama follows the journey of the civilians of a small village in France as they flee from the attacking German army in 1940. Even in the worst of circumstances, the villagers are able to maintain a sense of compassion and joy by taking care of each other.


Standing Tall (La tête haute)

Emmanuelle Bercot (2015, France), Netflix

Film goddess Catherine Deneuve plays a humble social worker trying to help a delinquent kid turn his life around. Be honest: if Catherine Deneuve was your social worker would you try to improve your behavior, or pretend to get worse so you could spend more time with her? I know my answer…but I digress!