Starting in September, we will be adding a new language to our course selection: Portuguese! You can sign up here. We are excited to be adding a language that many of our students and customers have requested over the years. And we are welcoming our newest teacher, Gilberto from Brazil. While he is from Brazil, he will be teaching a beginner’s class that is appropriate for people who want to learn Portuguese for use in either Brazil or Portugal.

We asked Gilberto about the differences and similarities between the Portuguese spoken in these two countries: “The Portuguese of Portugal and Brazil are considerably similar. The biggest difference, in terms of communicating, being the pronunciation. Brazilians stress the vowels more and are more melodical, while European Portuguese sounds more staccato, and is a little more literal. For example, Brazilian Portuguese softens some syllables like de/do/te/ti, so they sound easier on the ears. The differences in vocabulary are not that great, and are more an amusement than a real problem. The Portuguese are very familiar with Brazilian Portuguese due to the popularity of TV shows and soap operas. The bottom line is that they are 98% the same!”

So if you’re ready to get started, sign up online or give us a call at 212-414-8888!
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