road trip reads

The first exhale of summer practically screams for the openness of the road, spontaneous stops, quirky detours… that’s right, it’s the season of the road trip! We’ve rounded up a few books that might be helpful for you. And we’re not picky — for those of you who can’t drive, we’ve got books that take other wheels into account…

THE ROAD TRIP BOOK: 1001 DRIVES OF A LIFETIME, ed. Darryl Sleath — the Holy Grail of road trip ideas. This tome spans trips all over the globe, from the windy cliff roads of the Amalfi Coast in Italy to the American classic of Route 66. If you’ve got some time to plan and peruse, and you want to dream a little, this is for you.

BOULTING’S VÉLOSAURUS: A LINGUISTIC TOUR DE FRANCE, Ned Boulting — part guide, part linguistic funhouse, this book will take you through the regions covered in the infamous Tour de France as well as explain the trickier terms of the two-wheeled trade. A must for any diehard Tour fan, or any cyclist hoping to recreate even part of the course.

THE 50 GREATEST ROAD TRIPS / BIKE RIDES OF THE WORLD, Sarah Woods — part of a series Woods has written, these two are slightly more practical option than the above. Woods offers straightforward itineraries for each drive or bike ride, as well as contact information for each region—but weaves a bit of narrative about each place to keep things from being too dry.

What are you waiting for? Come in, pick up a book, and then hit the road!