In July, we begin our next session of Spanish courses. If you’d like to brush up before then, check out our selection of Spanish language political movies currently online. You can watch these films for fun and, in the process, learn new Spanish vocabulary and learn more about different social and political issues in Spanish speaking countries!


The Crime of Father Amaro (El crimen de Padre Amaro)

Carlos Carrera (2002, Mexico), iTunes

A young Gael Garcia Bernal playing the role of a sensuous Catholic priest…be still my heart. When I was an barely adolescent Spanish student, my mom agreed to take me to this very R-rated Mexican drama about a priest’s love affair with a parishioner, and let’s just say I have never forgotten it. But there’s more to this story than Gael…this movie touches on a lot of contemporary Mexican political issues including the role of the Catholic church, the place of women in society, and what the duty of the rich to the poor is. But also…Gael.


El fin de ETA

Justin Webster (2017, Spain), Netflix

Did you know that, for decades, a violent Basque separatist group orchestrated attacks throughout Spain to demand independence? A terrorist group that caused a great deal of conflict within Spain is not widely known here in the US. In 2017, they announced their definitive disarmament, and this documentary follows the history of the movement and its end. Very interesting even for those who have never heard of ETA before.


Retribution (El desconocido)

Dani de la Torre (2015, Spain), Netflix

This exciting Spanish thriller is more than just a action movie–it’s something of a revenge fantasy reacting against the financial crisis that hit Spain hard in 2008. A bank executive living the perfect life on the surface gets an anonymous phone call telling him to deliver a large sum of money or die…but who is the anonymous caller (desconocido) who put him in this position?